Privacy Policy

We keep your data for as long as you are a customer of ours. This means that we save your customer profile until you indicate that you no longer wish to use our services. If you indicate this to us, we will also regard this as a forget request. Based on applicable administrative obligations, we must keep invoices with your (personal) data, so we will keep this data for as long as the tax / legal term runs .

Data protection
Salphy considers privacy of personal data of the utmost importance. That is why we want to be open and honest about what we do with your personal data. We store and process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR). Our privacy statement explains how your personal data is collected, processed and stored.

Who is managing your personal data?
The Dutch company Salphy sells and distributes in the Benelux the products of Salphy is the manager of your personal data that you have actively provided to us. It is responsible for the processing and security according to the GDPR.

Where are your personal data stored?
Personal data provided by you is stored within our accounting system, our Customer Relation Management System (CRM), our Marketing Automation system, and our website. This personal data is used for services that Salphy provides.

If you believe that Salphy does not collect, manage or process your data correctly, you can file a complaint with us or with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

The personal data of users that are collected and stored within the context of our website and offered services and products include stock data (e.g. name and addresses of customers), contract data (e.g. used services, names of sellers, payment information), usage data ( e.g. visited websites of our online offer, interest in our products) and content data (e.g. mentions in the contact form).

“User” here includes all categories of persons affected by data processing. These include, for example, our business partners, consumers, customers, interested parties and other visitors to our website.

Privacy declaration
We ensure that we only collect, store and process personal data that is strictly necessary for the provision of our services, products and relevant messages. We also do not store this personal data longer than strictly necessary.

Basis (s) for data processing
We only process personal data in accordance with the relevant regulations of the GDPR.

a) Right of access
You have the right to obtain information about your stored data free of charge. Upon request, we will inform you in writing, in accordance with applicable law, what personal data we have stored about you. This also includes the origin and recipients of your data, as well as the purpose of the data processing.

b) Right to correction
You have the right to have your data corrected by us in case of inaccuracies.

c) Right to erasure
You have the right to delete your personal data at any time. When deleting your personal data, our services can only be provided if, again, you proactively leave this data to us. The right to erasure does not apply in the following situations:
You have an unresolved matter with our Customer Service department;
You have an unfinished order that has not yet been fully or partially shipped;
You have an outstanding debt with Salphy, regardless of the payment method;
You are suspected of having abused our services in the past 4 years or you have abused our services in the past 4 years;
You have a payment debt that has been transferred to a collection agency;
You have a credit application that has been rejected in the past 6 months;
You have made a purchase so that we keep your data in accordance with the applicable accounting and tax regulations.

d) Data transfer
You have the right to demand the provision of the personal data provided to us in a format that allows transfer to another location or party.

e) Right of appeal to the Dutch Data Protection Authority
You have the option to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Protection of your personal data

We have taken contractual, organizational and technical security measures according to the current state of the art to ensure that the rules of the GDPR are observed and that your personal data is carefully stored and processed. Your data is protected against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.

One of the security measures is the encrypted transfer of data between your browser and our server.

Your personal data is protected on the following points (excerpt):

a) Maintain the confidentiality of your personal data
In order to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data stored with us, we have taken various measures for access, access and access control.

b) maintaining the integrity of your personal information
In order to maintain the integrity of your personal information stored with us, we have taken various measures for transit and import control.

c) maintain the availability of your personal information
In order to maintain the availability of your personal information with us, we have taken various measures to check orders and availability.

The security measures used will be continuously improved in line with technological developments. Despite these precautions, due to the unsafe nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transfer to our website. As a result, any transfer of data from you to our website is at your own risk.

Which personal data do we keep? Only personal data for which you have given explicit permission will be collected, stored and processed by us in accordance with the GDPR. A maximum of the following personal data is collected, stored and processed:

(Company) name;
E-mail address;
Date of birth;
Frequency of use of Dr. Hauschka products;
Phone number;
VAT number;
Chamber of Commerce number;
Skin images

Protection of minors
Individuals under the age of 16 should not provide any personal data to us without the permission of their legal guardians. Persons under the age of 16 can only provide us with personal data after express permission from the parent or guardian if they are at least 16 years of age.

These personal data are also processed according to this privacy statement.

Cookie statement for
At www. At we use cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of this website and stored by your browser on your hard drive of your computer. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. In this cookie statement we explain which cookies are placed and for what purposes.

Remember settings
We use cookies to record your settings and preferences, so that we do not always have to ask for this. It concerns the following settings and preferences: a possibility to remain logged in remembering the realization of a shopping cart (shopping cart) for our webshop for which cookies you have given permission to prevent you from seeing an ad too often You can use these cookies block via your browser, but then you have to enter these preferences again and again.

Functioning of the site
We use cookies to make our site work properly. These functional cookies are used only for this purpose. With this we do the following: your name, e-mail address and the like so that you do not always have to fill in your language preference request to participate in surveys or newsletters to prevent you from seeing an ad too often You can use these cookies through your browser, but this may affect the functioning of our website.

Social media buttons
Our website contains buttons to promote web pages and share them on social networks, namely Facebook and Instagram, and these buttons place cookies. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from these social networks themselves. We have no influence on that. Read the privacy statement of these networks (which can change regularly) to read what they do with the (personal) data that they obtain via these cookies.

The information these networks collect is transferred to the United States and stored on servers there. The companies behind these networks adhere to the Safe Harbor principles and are affiliated with the Safe Harbor program of the United States Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Tracking and profiles
We use so-called tracking cookies to build a profile about you through the Google Analytics tool, about which more below. We can also request this tracking cookie when you visit another website from our network. This allows us to find out that you have visited this other website (s) in addition to this website. The profile built up about you is not linked to your name, address, email address and the like as known to us, but only serves to match advertisements to your profile, so that they are as relevant as possible to you.

Google Analytics
A cookie from the American company Google is placed via our website as part of the “Google Analytics” service. We use this service to track and get reports on how visitors use the website. Google can provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We have allowed Google to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services. We have disabled forwarding IP addresses to Google via Analytics. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google adheres to the Safe Harbor principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor program of the United States Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Right to inspect and correct or delete your data

You have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data. See our contact page for this. To prevent abuse, we can ask you to adequately identify yourself. When it comes to accessing personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find this in the settings of your browser. You can usually delete cookies via your browser settings. More information about enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and / or using the Help function of your browser.

More information about cookies
You can find more information about cookies on the following websites: Consumers’ Association: “What are cookies?” Consumentenbond: “Delete cookies”
process them according to our instructions set out in a processing agreement in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.

Changes to our privacy statement
We reserve the right to adjust our privacy statement from time to time to (continue to) comply with current GDPR and / or other legal requirements. Changes to our product range or services may also prompt us to change our privacy statement. This could, for example, affect the introduction of new services. Your new visit to our website will then be subject to the new privacy statement.

Company and trademark
Any company or trademark mentioned here is the property of its company. Naming brands and names is for informational purposes only.