All products are 100% Organic and Natural. All our butters, waxes and oils are 100% certified Organic.

The ingredients are of the highest possible purity and are also suitable for consumption. Because you not only have to nourish your body well, but also take good care of your skin. Not so long ago, it was thought that what you put on your skin cannot cross the skin barrier, now we know it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. So the purer the better.

We have opted for glass (Miron), among other things, to preserve the product quality as much as possible. The disadvantage of plastic is that people do not yet know to what extent plastic dissolves in your product and that there is currently enormous plastic pollution.

The cream / balm is quite thick, but immediately melts into a delicious oil if you put a little on the mouse of your hand and apply to your facial skin with a massaging motion, economical to use. Spatula is included.