Day Cream with Raspberry Oil

Day Cream with Raspberry Oil

Main ingredient is Shea Butter, Raspberry Kernel, Apricot Kernel, Grape Kernel and Jojoba oil are added Manuka honey and oil and propolis, all 100% Organic and cold pressed.

This day cream / ointment provides optimum protection against skin damage caused by cold, heat and dryness. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that the plant has absorbed itself, no synthetic additives. There is a light SPF 15 in it. All added oils support each other for optimum protection / care of the skin.

The cream / ointment should be applied to the mouse of the hand with the spatula supplied, it is transformed into a wonderful smelling oil that is massaged on the face, giving the skin a better blood circulation and the absorption through the skin is even faster.

All Photographs Micha Poortvliet

50 ml/1.69oz € 75,-

Shea butter. Contains Raspberry kernel oil that has natural SPF / UV protection, packed with antioxidants (protects the skin against the sun), vit.A and E omega 3 and 6, intensively hydrates.

Apricot kernel oil is slightly moisturizing, strengthens skin tissue / connective tissue / good for dry irritated skin.
Grape seed oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, improves blood circulation to the skin, makes it supple and vital, protects against free radicals (pycnogenol) and also strengthens fine capillaries.