Lotus Facial Oil

Lotus Facial Oil

A delicious rich oil based on Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Calendula oil and Sea buckthorn oil.

With the lovely scent of Lotus oil. Reduces wrinkles, redness and irritations, the oil regenerates the skin, stimulates the formation of new tissue, helps with stress, soothes mind and body, makes cheerful, negative feelings disappear.

It also strengthens the skin and circulation and surrounds you with a wonderful sensuous scent.


50 ml € 50,-

Jojoba oil does not feel greasy and is therefore often used in skin care.
It assimilates very well with the skin and excellently hydrates the upper skin layers. Moreover, it relieves the release of sebum and is therefore particularly suitable for the care of oily skin.

Due to the soothing effect, the oil in low concentrations is also good for the care of dry skin and sensitive skin. Grape seed oil. This oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Grape seed oil contains large amounts of omega fatty acids and vitamin E (cold first pressing only). These properties make the oil a very popular ingredient to care for the skin and also has anti-microbial properties of vitamins, C, D and E – which help to reduce dry skin and wrinkles, vitamins in combination with large amounts of fatty acids provide an improved skin barrier that reduces the amount of moisture in your skin. The result is a stronger skin that is no longer dry and irritated, improves the elasticity and softness of your skin.

Lotus essential oil. The Sacred or Indian Lotus, is a water plant they can grow to be more than 5 meters long. The large pink or white flowers open early in the morning and close again in the evening. When the seeds are ripe, the fruit turns downwards so that the seeds can fall into the water. Those seeds remain germinating for a very long time (sometimes hundreds of years). The Lotus grows in swampy soil, the flowers are never soiled, mud and water do not adhere to the leaves. The ability to repel dirt made the plant a symbol of purity in large parts of Asia.

Lotus absolue has a warm spicy sensual scent, it is a powerful aphrodisiac. It reduces wrinkles, redness and irritations. The oil regenerates the skin and stimulates the formation of new tissue. Helps to find ourselves in peace and provides us with access to ourselves opens the mind and your heart.