Moisturizing Manuka Honey Facial Serum

Facial serium

If your skin needs an extra boost, use it on just cleansed skin, in the morning or in the evening, and if you have a normal skin, the serum is sufficient, for dry to very dry skin a layer of cream is needed ( always allow the serum to retract well) especially in winter conditions. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and protects your skin against free radicals, it also protects against aging by the sun. Shake before use.

A serum penetrates deeper into the skin and has a higher concentration of active ingredients. It contains Aloe Barbadensis, Bulgarian rose, Hyaluronic acid, Manuka honey, Vitamin E and Camu Camu a super vitamin C that forms collagen (connective tissue), hyaluronic acid improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Shake well before using.


50 ml € 50,-

Aloe Barbadensis is cooling and calming and has a healing capacity, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and has an anti-aging effect, many healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc and a substance that protects your skin against bacteria and fungi with an anti-inflammatory effect keeps the skin moist and elastic.

Rosa Damascena Bulgari rose oil and hydrolate. The real Rose oil from the Provencal and Damacan Rose is extracted by water vapor distillation. Real essential Rose oil is very expensive, good care for dry, sensitive and somewhat older skin. It is an aphrodisiac oil. for the heart chakra and helps it open when it is closed with sorrow.

Camelina Sativa seed oil is very rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and also in the right ratio, it contains a high percentage of alpha-linolenic acid, a protective and soothing effect.

Hyalorenic acid is not an acid. Hyaluronic acid provides the skin with the perfect dose of moisture. It fades fine lines and wrinkles.
It regulates the hydrating power, the metabolism and the healing power of the skin. Grapefruit seed oil is an oil that has antibacterial properties.