Night cream with Pumpkin seed oil & Babassu

Night cream with Pumpkin seed oil & Babassu

It contains Sheabutter, Pumpkinseed oil, Babassu, Borage, Argan and Avocado oil and also Blue camomile, this unique composition will take care of your skin and will feed it optimally during the night, so all the natural vitamins and minerals can do their job.

The Blue camomile has a anti-inflammatory effect and soothes restless skin.

It is suitable for dry to sore skin in order to recover well during the night. It also can be used as a mask…then you first have to clean your skin thoroughly with cleansing Almond oil, than take a warm damp wascloth put it on your face for a minute or so, apply a layer of cream on your skin, relax for a while and afterwords wipe it away with a warm wascloth. The Babassu oil is well known of it s strong moisturizing effect, it is a drying oil and is quickley absorbed by the skin.

50 ml/1.69oz  € 75,-

Sheabutter. Pumpkin seed oil for the care of flaky, dry and irritated skin and is wrinkle resistant. Babassu oil prevents dehydration, makes the skin silky soft and is therefore ideally suited for dehydrated skin. Borage oil is an oil with the (so far known) highest level of linoleic acid (vitamin F) that also contains zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and biotin, the oil belongs to the drying oils, penetrates very well into the skin and stimulates the blood circulation and cell renewal, it restores the moisture level of the skin cells and therefore has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. Protects against UV radiation and free radicals, increases resistance.