Prickley Pear & Pearl Facial Serum

Prickley Pear & Pearl Facial serum

A serum based on Aloe gel, Prickly pear oil, Echineacea and Blue Chamomile and Pearl powder, this serum has a deep effect and can be used on cleansed skin in the evening. The Prickly pear oil contains the most vit E of all known oils, protects against free radicals (premature aging) strengthens the barrier function, it is anti-inflammatory and nourishes the skin with a combination of oils, the Blue Camomile soothes the skin in case of possible irritations. The Pearl powder contains 20 amino acids and trace elements, is used with dry mature skin, reduced redness and gives a nice even complexion. The serum gives a silky soft skin feeling .

Shake before using.


50 ml € 50,-

Aloe Barbadensis is cooling and calming and has a healing capacity, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and has an anti-aging effect, many healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc and a substance that protects your skin against bacteria and fungi with an anti-inflammatory effect keeps the skin moist and elastic. Vanilla Plantifolia hydrolate is soothing with nervousness and stress.

Prickly pear oil is a rare oil that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals. Prickly pear oil is extracted from the fruit of the prickly pear plant and is praised for combating visible signs of aging. Prickly pear oil protects against the damage of free radicals and stimulates cell renewal. The oil has a nourishing, hydrating and firming effect. Prickly pear oil improves the texture of your skin and protects against premature skin aging is one of the most expensive oils, because the yield is so low, there is very little oil in the seed.

Jojoba oil does not feel greasy and is therefore often used in skin care.
It assimilates very well with the skin and excellently hydrates the upper skin layers. Moreover, it relieves the release of sebum and is therefore particularly suitable for the care of oily skin.

Due to the soothing effect, the oil in low concentrations is also good for the care of dry skin and sensitive skin. Echineacea oil is restorative and healing builds up resistance. Blue chamomile is an antiseptic. The oil promotes healing of the skin, The Chamomile is used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing effect. Azulene is therefore used in creams for (over) sensitive skin. The Chamomile flower is healing, warming, calming and soothing. Pearl powder is a white fine powder made from finely ground pearls. It has been used in both cosmetics and medicine for more than 3,000 years. In Japan it is used against wrinkles in various products. Pearl powder contains 20 different important amino acids and many trace elements, such as selenium, lithium, phosphorus, iodine and magnesium. Pure pearl powder would support the regeneration of cellular tissue. Propolis is a natural antibiotic. Propolis disinfects and promotes tissue growth.